Dew It Skin

Dew It - Body Silk x Brush Bundle

Rp 194,000 Rp 296,500

What Is It

A hands-free combination for your night-time routine, the Dew It Before Bed Body Silk & Silk Body Brush is the perfectly quick downtime-regime you need for a glowing skin.


Pelembab yang melindungi di malam hari, untuk kulit lembut dan halus.

How To Use It

Step 1: Put your Dew It Body Silk next to your bed side

Step 2: Open the jar, take a little with your body brush

Step 3: Spread it all over your arms and legs

Step 4: Massage or even it out with a body brush

Step Five: Get some shut-eye, busy girl!


Wake up with deeply hydrated skin with our balanced blend of Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter, Rice Bran Oil and D-Phytogen with Anti-aging, Anti- oxidation.

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